PPE Safety Signs

Many worksites require employees to wear personal protective equipment for safety reasons. High-visibility vests ensure people are easily identifiable, safety goggles protect the eyes from hazardous chemicals, ear protectors prevent hearing loss from loud machinery, and head-to-toe uniforms can shield wearers from radiation. If you need a personal protective equipment sign that informs people what they need to wear onsite, the team at Swift Signs has you covered.

Our Selection of PPE Safety Signs

At Swift Signs, we stock an extensive selection of PPE signs in Australia that are suitable for various workplace environments. Our selection includes:

  • Eye protection sign
  • Safety glasses sign
  • Safety goggles sign
  • Safety vest sign
  • Face protection sign
  • Head protection PPE sign
  • Head-to-toe protection with PPE sign
  • Hearing protection sign
  • And more